Ray Flash

April 1, 2011

By Peter Kotsinadelis

The Ray Flash (U.S. and international patents pending) is a unique adapter for your hot shoe flash unit. It is designed to provide you with the same lighting effect produced by a traditional studio ring light. The Ray Flash uses the light from your hot shoe flash, and through a sophisticated and patented system of internal light-shapers, distributes and projects light evenly around the lens and onto your subject, providing you with a virtually shadow-less look. 

The Ray Flash is ideally suited for fashion, wedding, portrait, photojournalist and macro photography, whether you use it as a main or fill light. This portable and lightweight unit has no electronics, batteries or cables and allows all camera TTL functions to operate normally.

The Ray Flash is designed to fit the Canon 580EX-I and 580EX-II, as well as Nikon’s SB-800 and SB-900 flash units. There is a dial just on top of the opening where the front of your flash inserts into the Ray Flash that you can twist to lock the Ray Flash in place. Weighing just 16 oz, the Ray Flash is lightweight and is easily supported by hot shoe mounted flash units. The 4 1/8-in. internal diameter of the Ray Flash is large enough to accept almost all professional lenses from Nikon and Canon. Street Price: $199.