First Exposure: PicsCliq Increased Profits For Wedding Shooters

by Stan Sholik

The PicsCliq home page includes information on the services that are available.

April 01, 2012

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are alternately praised and demonized by traditional media. But the power and popularity of social media is never in question, particularly with young, engaged couples and their friends. These consumers increasingly trust friends to make product and service recommendations online. Turning these aspects of social media into profits for wedding photographers is the goal of PicsCliq and its unique marketing approach.

Wedding photographers traditionally focus their marketing and sales efforts on the bride and groom and their immediate families. This approach neglects possible sales to all of the wedding guests who attended. By utilizing social media, PicsCliq reaches out to these guests to increase sales and therefore profits for wedding photographers.

Think you’re too busy to learn another software program, or you’re not willing to pay for a service that may not benefit you? These aren’t issues with PicsCliq. Your time commitment is minimal and there is no cost to you for the service.

The PicsCliq process is simple: After acceptance into the service, you upload the dates and information about weddings you have booked in the upcoming six months. During the process you create a unique name for the Web site where you will upload the wedding photos. Before the wedding day, PicsCliq ships you, at no cost, a PicsCliq packet. The packet includes business cards for you to distribute to the guests with information, including a QR code, where they can view photos from the wedding. You also receive a packet to present to the bride and groom to let them know you are providing the service as added value at no cost to them.

When your wedding photos are ready, you upload them to PicsCliq. Each photo that you upload is connected to Facebook, so if someone “likes” the photo, their entire network of Facebook friends is notified and can follow a link to the wedding Web site where they can see all of the wedding photos.

Once on the site, visitors can order prints, mugs, magnets, key chains or even mouse pads of any photo in the gallery. Canvas prints are also available. Photographic prints are done through Adorama on Kodak Professional Endura paper. PicsCliq handles all of the fulfillment and the customer is billed an amount based on the price schedule set by the photographer.

The only other involvement by the photographer is to log onto the PicsCliq site every 30 days and request the profits be sent to a PayPal account, or mailed by check. As an additional part of its service, PicsCliq provides reports and analytics on sales as well as live wedding management to track individual sales.

PicsCliq isn’t designed to replace your current online proofing service that primarily services the bride and groom. It is, however, designed to work in conjunction with it by focusing entirely on wedding guests to generate additional sales.
In the future PicsCliq will expand its services beyond weddings, adding support for events such as birthdays, graduations, fundraisers, bar and bat mitzvahs, Quinceañeras and more. While membership will remain free, a tiered membership is planned. Differing commission rates on sales will provide additional services and analytics.

Also forthcoming is Lightroom and Aperture support for uploading, the ability to proof photos prior to fulfillment and increased promotional tools including coupons and social media promos. Visitors to your event site will be able to tag photos with names of people they recognize and PicsCliq informs the newly tagged people that photos are available.

Leveraging the power of social media to increase sales and drive new business is the goal of PicsCliq. The tools are available from PicsCliq and the involvement on the part of the photographer is minimal. Time will tell if the marketplace is ready for this new approach.

A few hundred photographers are presently working with PicsCliq in what, at the time of this writing, is a beta version of the final site. Event photographers can join the queue of photographers waiting to be accepted into the PicsCliq system by requesting an invite from

Stan Sholik is a commercial/advertising photographer in Santa Ana, CA, specializing in still life and macro photography. His fifth book, Nik HDR Efex Pro has recently been released through Wiley Publishing. 

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