Quantum Softbox and UV/IR Reflector

April 01, 2011 — The Quantum QFlash QF68 is a 12 x 12-in. softbox designed to attach to any model QFlash by removing the standard reflector and locking the QF68 in its place. This softbox provides a bigger, softer light source for close-up portraiture, and can easily be used on a camera bracket or fastened to an umbrella bracket for placement on a light stand. The QF68 softbox folds into its carrying bag for your ease of transport and storage. Street price: $69.50.

Quantum’s new QF80 UV/IR Wave Reflector provides UV/IR flash filtration capability for the QFlash. The QF80 replaces the standard reflector on your QFlash allowing you to mount any 67mm threaded filters onto its unique UV/IR Wave Reflector. This produces a narrow or broadband wavelength of flash illumination ranging from Ultraviolet to visible, to Infrared. Photographic applications for the QF80 include: Forensics, Crime Scene, Surveillance, Obliteration and Documentation, Military and Government, Bruising/Bite Marks, Skin Mapping/Skin Penetration, Gun Stain Residue/GSR and Industrial/Fine Arts. Street price: $99.95. www.qtm.com

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