Demb Flash Bracket

by Peter Kotsinadelis

The Demb Flash Bracket’s small size belies its big advantages.

April 01, 2011 — The Demb Flash bracket is the most recent product from Demb Flash Products. Made from strong lightweight aluminum, the bracket weighs a mere 7-ounces, yet is strong enough to handle any type of flash. It is designed to fit any Digital SLR that has a ½ x  20 receptacle in the base. There are no anti-twist plates required; instead, the bracket has two rubber strips on the base where the bracket meets the camera to prevent it from twisting. The flash sits at and forward on the camera.

The flash is attached to the swivel atop the bracket using the built-in ¼ x 20 on the top. If you have a shoe-mount flash you can attach a compatible off-camera cord to the ¼ x 20 screw, or buy a cold shoe from Demb. Once in place, the bracket swivel allows you to quickly position the flash above the lens when shooting horizontal or vertical. The swivel hinge is designed with a stabilizer bar to keep the tension constant and to prevent the flash from flopping. You can easily adjust the tension to your taste with any wrench. The tension forces the flash to stay in place wherever you position it. There is no other clamp or requirement.

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