© Lindsey Kent

Down On One Knee: The Art of Proposal Photography

 Lindsey Kent has made it her business capturing the surprise pop-the-big-question moment between couples.

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© Ed Godden

Fresh Perspectives: Three Photo Studios Do Wedding Photography Differently

Each hailing from different corners of the globe, these three photo studios reflect on what’s possible when typical wedding photography just won’t do.

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Courtesy RFWPPI

From the Cubicle: WPPI 2014 Was An Explosion of the Extraordinary

Jason Groupp reflects on all the ways WPPI 2014 rocked our world. 

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Photo © Elizabeth Leitzell

Double Vision: Photographers Balance Parallel Businesses

Can you successfully pursue more than one photographic career at a time? Three pros explain how they do it. 

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Photo © Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela's Medium Format Photography

In searching for new inspiration, wedding photography Robert Valenzuela found it in the form of a medium-format digital camera.
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DQ Studios

Getting Ceremonial

In their upcoming WPPI seminar, “Asian Weddings: Surviving and Thriving on Ethnic Weddings Here and Abroad,” Dave and Quin Cheung of DQ Studios will reveal their secrets to specializing in a tailored market. Here, they give us a preview.

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Dina Douglass

Love in a State of Emergency

My clients Flor and Jerome decided to get married in Flor’s hometown of Quito, Ecuador. As they started to plan their wedding they couldn’t have possibly known there’d be a coup attempt two weeks before it was to take place. Conflicting media reports stated President Rafael Correa was temporarily kidnapped, and that the “coup” was merely a police strike or rebellion.
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John Rettie

WPPI Trade Show 2011

Anyone who attended the 31st annual WPPI Convention will attest that the accompanying trade show was a vital component of the week-long conference—which had a record number of attendees.
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Sal Cincotta

The Art of the Destination Shoot

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have access to couples in exotic locations. I often find myself envious of photographers who get to shoot in all these amazing locations and destinations: beaches, cliffs, castles, sweeping landscapes and more. What do I have? I am stuck in the Midwest in a blue-collar city with no ocean or cliffs in sight. So what’s a photographer to do?
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David Beckstead

Escalator Bride

Regardless of the technology available to contemporary visual artists, seeing is the real key to harnessing the potential of any given scene. And that skill, visualizing the image, is the ability to recognize all the factors that make up a good photograph: the principal subject, supporting visual elements, lighting and composition.
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Kevin Jairaj

Illuminated Passion

Dallas-based wedding photographer Kevin Jairaj has a passion for creating distinctive, edgy images for his high-end U.S. and international clients.
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Jessica Claire

The Vintage Limo Ride

While roaming around the city taking this couple’s engagement photos, Jessica Claire had the opportunity to develop a rapport with them that made for a great shoot at the wedding.
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Jim Diperna

Wedding Art Transformations

Wedding photography is certainly a lot more flexible, fulfilling and fun in the digital era than it was back in the day when I shot my first nuptials in black and white, toting a shoulder-wrenching 4 x 5 Crown Graphic and a case of Lisco double-sided sheet-film holders.
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Grant Oakes

In Pursuit of Excellence

If you ask Grant Oakes to describe what sets him apart from the crowd, he will tell you it is a “relentless pursuit of excellence.” He religiously studies light, lines and composition. As he explains, “If I really like an image, I’ll look at it and think about what I could have done to make it better using a different angle, perspective or maybe taking the shot a split second sooner or later.”
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