© Jerry Ghionis

How Jerry Ghionis Captured Vision For Bride and Groom Portrait In-Camera

The wedding photographer shares how he thought outside the box.

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Jess Petrie Photography

Editor's Pick: Botanical Beauty by Jess Petrie

When a styled shoot portrait glows in black and white.

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© Anna Kim Photography

Shooting Destination Weddings in Your Own Hometown

You don't need to fly to exotic locales to capture beautiful destination photos for your clients.

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© Callaway Gable

Avoiding Local Photo Clichés at Destination Weddings

Five photographers share their tips for not ruining a beautiful destination with the same old, tired images.

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© Nordica Photography

Going the Extra Mile—Adventurous Wedding and Engagement Shoots [Gallery]

How three photographers have saddled up for couples expanding the horizons on their destination shoots.

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© Karen Seifert

Traveling the World (While Staying Sane)

So you're a jet-setting photographer? Here are some rules of thumb and tips to make the packing and traveling process a bit easier.
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© Andy Owen

Getting That Genuine Cinematic Look with DSLR Video

It takes the right recipe of camera settings, movement, lighting and post processing.

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© Jason Groupp

What Are the Elements of an Awesome Photo?

With WPPI-C in full swing, here are some things to keep in mind.
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© Kate Hueftle

Rising Stars Combine Forces, Dream Shoot Rentals Expands Reach and More

The wedding and portrait photography news and products to look for this month.

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© Sam Hurd

Editor's Pick: Rainbow Connection

Sam Hurd rethinks lighting his wedding couples.

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© Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby's Step-by-Step Guide to Making Brides Shine

Scott Kelby shares excerpts from his book, The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes (Peachpit Press).
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© Johnson Wee

How Worldwide Competition is Upping the Wedding Photography Game

The influx of lavish and original Print Comp entries from different foreign markets is making the industry more competitive than ever.

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© Justin & Mary Marantz

Justin & Mary Marantz on How to Market with Love

Nine road-tested tactics to help you book more weddings now. 

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© Sara Code-Kroll

Light Reading: Gowns, Guitars and the Gamut of Flash

A book roundup of wedding inspiration, Reuel's Rolling Stones and how to get crafty with flash.

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