© The Paper Deer Photography

Finessing the Fine Art of Family Photography, Above the Herds of Hobbyists

Three family photographers reveal how they’ve stood out from the crowd by honing their creative visions. 


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© Peter Hurley

10 Tips from Headshot Master Peter Hurley on Shooting Female Faces

The secrets to getting the best angles, light and look.

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© Art Streiber

Editor's Pick: The Double Act by Art Streiber

The celebrity portrait photographer tackles the comically complex relationship between these two characters of HBO's Veep.

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© Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw: From Zoologist to Conceptual Portrait Photographer

This Australian expat discusses his rollercoaster path to a budding filmmaking career.

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© Horia Manolache

Editor's Pick: The Chairs by Horia Manolache

A Romanian photographer imagines what chairs would look like in human form, and vice versa.
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© Pari Dukovic

On My Radar: Color Crunch

Shutterbug Magazine editor-in-chief Dan Havlik talks about why Pari Dukovic's work sticks out to him.
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© Christopher Makos

Light Reading: The Cool and the Colorless

The books to watch this month are Christopher Makos' mastery of black-and-white in colorful places, plus odes to modern young womanhood and to the evolving male identity.

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© Nick Fancher

Lighting on the Fly

How Nick Fancher's run-and-gun shooting style, studio-less savvy and unique application of color and shadow have given him an edge.
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Isabella Bejarano

Editor's Pick: 
Isabella Bejarano's Graphic Portraits

Achok Majak serves as the model for this stark, black-and-white series. 

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© Lou Freeman

Flawless and Fabulous: Lou Freeman's Rundown of Four Glamour Shots

The Atlanta-based fashion photographer, director and educator seamlessly combines lighting, hair, makeup, jewelry and beautiful models.

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© Gustavo Marx

Gustavo Marx: The Making of a Brazilian Fashion Photographer

On creativity, collaboration and cultivating connections in a cutthroat industry.

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© Lara Jade

© Matthew Jordan Smith

Skin Deep Beauty: Enhancing and Flattering Any Skin Tone [Photo Gallery]

When it comes to beauty portraits, famed lensman Matthew Jordan Smith has perfected the art.

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© Hideaki Hamada

"Haru and Mina" by Hideaki Hamada, A Father's Photographic Ode to His Children

A chat with Osaka-based photographer Hideaki Hamada about the heartwarming photo series of his children. 

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