© Fer Juaristi

Editor's Pick: How Fer Juaristi Holds Tension in a Wedding Photo

The Mexico-based wedding photographer talks about this colorful, creative snap.

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© Weronika Kosinska

How to Shoot Beauty Photography Absolutely Anywhere

Weronika Kosinska's six tips on rethinking what's possible.

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Photo © Ben Sasso

The Quirks of Backlighting (and How to Handle Them)

Familiarize yourself with the types, challenges and solutions with this often-misunderstood light.

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© Daymon Gardner

On My Radar: That Awkward Moment

Kim Gray, the Deputy Art Director at Men's Journal, discusses what draws her to this Daymon Gardner portrait.

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Jess Petrie Photography

Editor's Pick: Botanical Beauty by Jess Petrie

When a styled shoot portrait glows in black and white.

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© Stephanie Cotta

Posing Newborn Twins: How Stephanie Cotta Does It

Having newborn babies as photo subjects can be tricky, but posing two newborns at once? That's a different kind of quagmire.

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© The Stork and the Beanstalk Photography

How Spontaneity and Serendipity Were a Family Photographer's Best Friend

Ashley Jennett took a bit of a leap when she snapped this shot—and it worked.

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© Michael George

Portraitist Michael George, Back from Epic Pilgrimage, Shares His Story [Gallery]

From capturing everyday absurdities to portraits of fellow journeyers, Michael George is killing the industry with kindness.

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© Paul Ernest

© Christaan Felber

Christaan Felber Shoots the Searingly Soulful Voice Behind Alabama Shakes

The music and commercial photographer talks how he gained trust and access.

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Anna Johnson/Boudoir Ego

Boudoir Digest: The Latest Trends in a Burgeoning Genre

Everything you need to know about the next genre to take over the portrait photography industry.

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© The Last Forty Percent

Bold, Beautiful Boudoir: Finding Your Niche and Creative Voice

Three photographers with very different looks and approaches describe how they stand out in this fast-growing genre.

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© The Paper Deer Photography

Finessing the Fine Art of Family Photography, Above the Herds of Hobbyists

Three family photographers reveal how they’ve stood out from the crowd by honing their creative visions. 


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© Peter Hurley

10 Tips from Headshot Master Peter Hurley on Shooting Female Faces

The secrets to getting the best angles, light and look.

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