© Nicholas Alan Cope

On My Radar: Scupltural Silhouette

Why Ashley Owens is eyeing Nicholas Alan Cope's photography that mixes fashion with architecture.

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© The Paper Deer Photography

Finessing the Fine Art of Family Photography, Above the Herds of Hobbyists

Three family photographers reveal how they’ve stood out from the crowd by honing their creative visions. 


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© Jarren Vink

On My Radar: Jarren Vink's Modularly Placed Objects

In this still-life and travel photographer's project "Master's Tools," all is in order.

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© Victoria Will

The Return of Victoria Will, Dennis Orchard and the Disposable Camera

The wedding and portrait photography news, products and innovations of the month.

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© Horia Manolache

Editor's Pick: The Chairs by Horia Manolache

A Romanian photographer imagines what chairs would look like in human form, and vice versa.
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© Alex de Mora

On My Radar: Subjects of a Certain Age

Out with the young, in with the distinguished.
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© Pari Dukovic

On My Radar: Color Crunch

Shutterbug Magazine editor-in-chief Dan Havlik talks about why Pari Dukovic's work sticks out to him.
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© Christopher Makos

Light Reading: The Cool and the Colorless

The books to watch this month are Christopher Makos' mastery of black-and-white in colorful places, plus odes to modern young womanhood and to the evolving male identity.

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© Erin Kunkel

On My Radar: The Food Lover's Table

Photography's overhead approach to the farm-to-table movement.

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© Peter Lindbergh

Images of Women by Peter Lindbergh, a Warhol Show, News from Fundy and More

The wedding and portrait photography news, products and exhibits from March.

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© Nicholas Nixon

A Book of the Brown Sisters, an Exhibition of Visionaries, Editing Keyboard Skins and More

The wedding and portrait photography news, products and exhibits from February 2015. 

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© Dan Winters

© Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Photo Finish: "A Faithful Surrender" by Angela Bacon-Kidwell

A photographer discusses one of the images from her "Home By Nightfall" series.
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